TOURISM and creative economy actors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to take advantage of the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program.

According to the Director of Access to Finance at Tourism & Creative Economy Ministry, Hanifah Makarim explained that the launch of the PEN program was a form of government response to restore the current condition of Indonesia’s economy which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The current economic condition needs to be restored, and it seems that no country is ready for this COVID-19 condition. However, we still have to try to be able to continue to survive with our own efforts. Therefore, one of the things the government is doing is a program. PEN with funds disbursed amounting to IDR695.2 trillion,” Hanifah said.

The objective of the PEN program is to protect, maintain and increase the economic capacity of business actors in conducting their business. In this case, DKI Bank was entrusted by the government to assist in the distribution of the PEN program.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Industry and Investment, Tourism Ministry, Fadjar Hutomo, explained that the PEN program that can be utilized by tourism and creative economy entrepreneurs is in the form of loans that can be submitted through Bank DKI.

“Bank DKI has an obligation to distribute it in the form of credit that can be accessed by small and medium enterprises (UKM). However, this problem requires criteria, one of which is the curation process. So that this can be right on target,” Fajar noted.

Furthermore, Fajar said that the PEN program requires proper socialization and cooperation with good business actors so that it can be optimally realized.

“I think PEN is something that requires socialization, requires cooperation from all parties to realize it as soon as possible, because restructuring is not enough,” Fajar concluded. []