SECRETARIAT General of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Maulana Yusran said that there were 24 hotel association members who expressed interest in being the location for the isolation of people without symptoms (OTG) for COVID-19.

These hotels will be evaluated by the Regional Health Office and checked for readiness in implementing health protocols.

“We discussed this with the government. Because hotels that accommodate OTG cannot be visited by regular guests, we discussed a win-win solution. So the selected hotel will be contracted, how much is the need because of course seeing the condition of availability in government facilities first. So, for example, we need to be ready,” Maulana said.

An independent isolation service said Maulana has been provided by the hotel industry for people who need a location for quarantine.

This service is usually used by visitors who have recently traveled and do not have private isolation facilities. In its development, this strategy is considered to be able to give breath to the hotel business amidst a decline in occupancy.

“For the isolation, the costs are borne by yourself, there are hotels that provide them, there is no problem. People who can accommodate quarantine needs usually choose their own isolation,” he continued.

Maulana stated that hoteliers already have a basis for enforcing health protocols departing from these independent isolation services.

However, for the appointment of the OTG isolation location, PHRI completely authorizes the Ministry of Health as the evaluating party.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio said the use of the hotel as an OTG independent isolation facility for patients with mild symptoms is expected to start next week.

So far the program will focus on DKI Jakarta and Bali to be further implemented in West Java, North Sumatra and South Kalimantan. [sources]