COMPOSER & pianist Ananda Sukarlan is currently shooting at the Prambanan Temple complex. This activity is the production of the Directorate of Film, Music and New Media from the Directorate General of Culture of Indonesia, for the first episode of the Ananda concert series “Rapsodia Nusantara & Kejayaan Nusantara”, which is planned to be continued in the next episode at the Trowulan site (Majapahit heritage) and the Muaro Jambi site (Sriwijaya heritage).

According to Ananda Sukarlan said that the aim was to promote culture based on old cultural wealth, in line with the Cultural Advancement Law No. 5 of 2017 in which culture is preserved not only by means of preservation, but also encourages it to give birth to new art forms so that the nation’s culture will continue to develop and advance.

For this episode of Prambanan, Ananda Sukarlan who is called the Sydney Morning Herald as “one of the world’s leading pianists at the forefront of championing new piano music” takes advantage of the moment of sunrise and sunset and his entire program has the theme “Prambanan: A Twilight Tryst”.

“Twilight in English means the color of the sky when the sun is on the horizon, either at sunrise or sunset. For this reason, I invited several other instrument players who were members of the Nusantara Symphony Orchestra to play their related works, such as “Dawn” (Matahari Terbit) for the clarinet and piano (inspiration from the poem “Dawn” by American poet Emily Dickinson) and “A Twilight Tryst” for oboe and piano,” Ananda Sukarlan said.

Right at sunset, Ananda played Rapsodia Nusantara no. 25, the Rapsodia number is the longest (about 14 minutes) to show the process of changing the color of the sky in Prambanan when the sun began to hide behind the horizon.

Apart from that, the guest stars this time are two of Indonesia’s best young vocalists, the winners of Ananda Sukarlan’s Poetic Song Competition, namely soprano Mariska Setiawan and Widhawan Aryo Pradhita. They will sing various Ananda songs based on the poetry of Sapardi Djoko Damono (who just passed away last July), Hasan Aspahani and Khrisna Pabichara.

“Not only that, I also present two songs in Spanish,” Todo Contigo “(from the poetry of Peruvian poet Jose Luis Mejia) and” En El Silencio de la Noche “(from the poetry of the Spanish poet Miguel Cervantes). Now, to be able to see all that, this concert will premiere on ( on Sunday, September 27 at 7 pm and can be accessed worldwide and narrated by myself in English language,” Ananda Sukarlan concluded. []