MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy in collaboration with the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) held technical guidance to increase the capacity of human resources in Pemo Tourism Village in Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT.)

According to the Director of Regional Destination Development II of Tourism Ministry, Wawan Gunawan explained that the government wants Pemo Tourism Village to prepare human resources as one of the main factors of readiness to become a tourist village. Moreover, each village has the potential for natural and cultural beauty so that it can attract tourists to come to Ende.

“We are collaborating with the Ministry of Health, PDTT, to develop tourist villages and their communities. Each village has an amazing natural tourist attraction and potential,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Area I of the Directorate of Regional Destination Development II of Tourism Ministry, Eddy Susilo, revealed that in order to make Pemo Village a tourism village, the community must wholeheartedly and cooperate with each other in order to make Pemo Village prosper through tourism.

“The Technical Guidance Activity for Increasing the Capacity of Human Resources at Pemo Tourism Village at the Super Priority Destination of Labuan Bajo has not been implemented for a long time, but we hope that this activity can motivate people to have a prosperous life through tourism,” Eddy Susilo noted.

He added that the community must have understanding, thoughts, and togetherness in building tourism in Pemo Village.

“We want to motivate people as tourism actors, because later the community will become one of the important factors of a tourist village, so the community must be ready. In addition, implementing health protocols in tourist villages is an important thing in the new era of normality,” he said.

Meanwhile Pemo Village Head, Xaverius Pemo, expressed his gratitude for the implementation of this activity in his village. He also hopes that other support from the government can support the supporting factors for village development.

“We also hope that we can continue to work with the government in regencies, provinces and the center in developing our village, because previously we have succeeded in collaborating with the Kelimutu National Park Office to create supporting attractions for Kelimutu, including Edelweiss Park and Strawberry Park,” he concluded. []