MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy stated that archipelago tourism and marine tourism have the potential to become capital for tourist destinations in building sustainable tourism in an era of adaptation to new habits.

According to the Expert Staff for Sustainable Development and Conservation at the Ministry of Tourism, Frans Teguh, said the potential for marine and archipelagic tourism in Indonesia is very large and diverse. This is believed to be an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

“In this strategic context, we want to ensure that the maritime potential and the potential of the archipelago in Indonesia can become the capital in improving the quality of tourism and building sustainable tourism,” he said

Frans Teguh added that because, Indonesia has abundant natural wealth, starting from its beautiful beaches and various kinds of unique islands that we can explore for its tourism potential. So that marine tourism and tourism in the Indonesian archipelago can become top of mind for tourists.

Frans hopes that the Indonesian people, especially tourism business actors, will gain new insights or understandings regarding the development and arrangement of archipelago tourism and marine tourism. In addition, it can strengthen new approaches and strategies to improve the quality of tourism and sustainable development in accordance with domestic and foreign market references.

Meanwhile, the Bali Governor’s Expert Group for Tourism, Cipto Aji Gunawan, said that Indonesia received the best title in the marine tourism category. This can be seen from the center of the world’s coral reefs which are 65 percent owned by Indonesia.

“The center of coral reefs is important because it provides a large enough contribution to the tourism sector. There are three types of tourism related to coral reefs, namely diving, snorkeling, or often called underwater tourism, then fishing tours, and world surfing centers. Therefore, it cannot be denied that Indonesia’s marine tourism is indeed superior, ” Cipto noted.

Cipto continued, for surfing tourism there are 52 locations in Indonesia. Then, there are 68 locations for diving tours. Finally, there are 20 fishing tourism locations. The location is likely to increase due to the opening of new tourist destinations. For this reason, we need to make a new mapping regarding the locations of tourist destinations that we can develop again and make these locations as sustainable tourism. []