MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy collaborated with the Indonesian Batik Foundation recently held an exhibition titled Karisma Batik 2020 which featured 8 brands or selected brands from 104 registered brands.

According to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio during his speech at the Karisma Batik 2020 event virtually, explained, to coincide with the national batik day which falls on October 2, 2020, the Ministry of Tourism held a virtual fashion show with the theme Karisma Batik 2020, which exhibited beautiful works of 8 brands were selected from several regions.

“Congratulations on the selection of 8 curated brands to be exhibited. Batik has become the identity of the Indonesian nation, which must always be attached to us and must be proud to be displayed to the public, including in the performing arts,” Wishnutama said.

The eight selected brands featured in the virtual batik fashion show Karisma Batik 2020 are; Vania Wijaya Gunawan (KASEE Batik Activewear), Clara Cyntiarini Wijayanti (Bebatikan Jogja), Agus T. Santosa (Apikmen), Dian Nutri Justisia Shirokadt (Shiroshima Indonesia), Meka (Batik Marindau), Grita Karina (Buana Batik), Vitalia Noor Darma (Rumah Batik Jinggar), and Afiyah Cahyani (Ruang Titik).

“Behind the big name and aesthetics of batik are stored values ​​of creativity, identity, diversity, pride and unity. Loving batik means we love the cultural and artistic creativity of the nation’s children, loving batik means loving Indonesia. Proud to wear batik, proud to be made in Indonesia,” Minister Wishnutama noted.

On the same occasion, Chairman of the National Craft Council (Dekranas) Wury Ma’ruf Amin said batik is a different inheritance in each region. Different regions, different batik motifs are produced, because each motif has its own meaning.

“Batik is a hereditary heritage. Therefore, we need to inherit it in every region, let’s be proud of wearing Indonesian batik,” Wury Ma’ruf Amin pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Batik Foundation, Yanti Airlangga, explained that being proud of wearing batik should be a part of everyday life. Moreover, every region in Indonesia has a variety of cultures from various parts of Indonesia, each of which is unique.

“I hope that various parties, especially the younger generation, can be proud together and use Indonesian batik. In every piece of batik cloth that we create, there are hopes that many people have taken part in the process of creating batik, happy Indonesian batik day,” she affirmed.

She added that the eight brands, which were selected to be exhibited, had various criteria that were assessed, such as original or original batik. Then each batik displayed must have its own story.

“For example, there are brands that create their batik with ancient characters and some even create about the corona virus. Then in terms of design, it must be able to answer today’s challenges. The continuity between one outfit and another, and the most important thing is creativity so that the batik has character,” Yanti Airlangga concluded. []