A DISH made from beef ribs is certainly familiar to the Indonesian public. The delicious taste plus the softness of the meat makes this menu a favorite of many people. Various variations of the rib menu have been served by various restaurants or certain food stalls. One of the favorite ribs is grilled ribs.

According to the Executive Chef of hotel, Michael Pandelaki said that throughout the month of October the Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City presents a special menu, namely Iga Bakar Santika. This special processed Santika Grilled Ribs is a special spiced rib meat that is grilled and then served with chili sauce. This chili sauce which is rich in chilies and shallots gives a fresh spicy sensation to the mouth when eaten with soft and savory grilled ribs.

“Usually, when you eat ribs, you complain about it hard, but the grilled ribs are cooked first with bacem spices so that the ribs become softer and have a savory and sweet taste,” he said.

He added, not only does it taste special, Iga Bakar Santika is served with white rice complete with vegetable ointment and dessert. Iga Bakar Santika is a mainstay dish that is ready to accompany the lunch and dinner for rib culinary lovers.

“Serving Iga Bakar Santika can be enjoyed directly at the Mandalika Restaurant or if you don’t have time to stop by the Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City, the menu can be taken away and free delivery with a minimum distance and certain orders by calling the WhatsApp number 0856-9279-5647,” he noted.

In addition, he continued, don’t miss the opportunity to taste Moshee, this warm drink with a sweet taste is perfect for drinking as a closing activity. The combination of date syrup, cinnamon, fresh milk, and strawberry syrup can be enjoyed at a special price. []