SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) has become the airline that launched a digital version of the Star Alliance connection service. The Star Alliance connection service was introduced in 2017 to facilitate very short connecting flights between Star Alliance member airlines and until now, required dedicated personnel to handle passengers affected in the process of moving between flights.

According to SIA Executive Vice President Commercial, Lee Lik Hsin, said the digital version of the Star Alliance connection service is available on the mobile application of each participating airline member, providing an intuitive information transfer process and navigation services through customers’ smartphones at various major airports without interruption.

“The information provided by this digital version also includes finding the best route from arrival to departure gate, as well as the distance and time required. In matters of very short connecting flights, passengers will get an express digital connection card which gives priority to passing several checks, “he said.

He added that Star Alliance uses Airline Accelerator technology from Living Map, a UK-based digital mapping and location expert. This state-of-the-art indoor placement product provides the essence to customers with customized routes within the airport terminal building.

This initial launch will focus on London Heathrow Airport (LHR) terminal 2. Singapore Airlines passengers who have connecting flights to or from other Star Alliance airlines within the terminal building will have access to airport maps via the SingaporeAir mobile app.

Star Alliance plans to launch a digital version of its connection service for airports loaded with connecting flights that can be used by Star Alliance member airlines in the future. This will first be enjoyed by Android users. and will then be applied to iOS users

Lee Lik Hsin explained that the launch of a connection service on the SingaporeAir mobile app in partnership with the Star Alliance, is part of our efforts to use digital technology to provide our customers with a seamless overall journey. As the world’s leading airline, we will continue to find various innovations to provide a better experience for our customers and support their evolving needs.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of Customer Experience from Star Alliance, said we know that it is sometimes difficult for customers to go through large and foreign airports when connecting from one flight to another, especially when there are unforeseen flight delays that impact on short connecting flights.

This digital connection service is designed to provide travelers with an easy and intuitive guidance at their fingertips, which makes moving the aircraft a smoother, hassle-free and touch-free experience. We are excited to launch this innovation just in time for our product with Singapore Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance.

“As we welcome passengers back to fly, we look forward to expanding these facilities at our main hub airport. This digital connection service is just one of several technological advancements that Star Alliance will deliver to meet the needs of touchless services,” he concluded. [photo special]