AFTER the huge success of his Prambanan concert last month, pianist & composer Ananda Sukarlan will present his second concert of his “Rapsodia Nusantara Tour”, this time from the historical site of Trowulan, the capital of the Kingdom of Majapahit of the 13th-15th century.

According to Ananda Sukarlan said I will performs from four iconic locations: Brahu Temple, the gate of Bajang Ratu, Wringin Lawang and Tikus Temples.  This concert, produced by the Directorate of Film, Music and New Media under the Department of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, will be premiered on the YouTube channel Budaya Saya on Wednesday, October 21th at 7 pm.

Ananda will present his works based on poems by the East Javanese poet Sirikit Syah, as well as poems by Joko Pinurbo, Sapardi Djoko Damono, Farick Ziat and Eka Budianta. Most of these poems are connected with the phenomena of using social media, mainly twitter, as a media to publish the poems, therefore they are limited to very few characters and words. Furthermore, there he will also perform his works based on two Peruvian poets, Cesar Vallejo (1892-1938) and Jose Luis Mejia who now lives in Singapore.

“This is because I remind the same time period of existence of the Majapahit period with that of Machu Picchu in Peru. Singing those poetic songs are the East Javanese soprano Mariska Setiawan and baritone Rangga Suryanata. Rangga is a newcomer who I believe would have a bright future as a brilliant classical singer,” he said.

Ananda also addresses the theme of relationships, since Majapahit established good relationships with Asian countries as far as India and China. Other musicians performing are violinist Finna Kurniawati, and young pianists winners of Ananda Sukarlan Award, Ayunia Indri Saputro and Gabriella Prisca Handoko. They were all born and raised in Surabaya, the capital city of the province of East Java.

Just like his first video of his Rapsodia Nusantara tour, Ananda trusted the cinematography to the videographer Piet Kalalo Sengkey. []