AIRASIA believes that its digital business and airline business will be integrated with each other in a more comprehensive Online Travel Agent (OTA) business model after transforming from its old slogan and logo.

The digital transformation to become more than just an airline has been marked by a change in appearance and brand identity on the website and application, from what was originally known as AirAsia and Now Everyone Can Fly to becoming andFor Everyone.

According to AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes, so far the company has never asked for a bailout, namely financial assistance to the state when it is on the verge of failure or bankruptcy like other airline companies do.

Therefore, Tony emphasized that the company will continue the digital business from its super application with the initiation of massive data sources owned by the previous airline business.

“So that this digital business does not build its own data source but can still move independently. Both of them are now integrated businesses. Currently, the growth rate from the airline’s side is standard, but the level of demand will remain when the zoning is relaxed. So we also still believe that during the next six months, the travel industry will enter a new level,” he explained in a virtual press conference on Tuesday (13/10).

The low-cost airline has consciously prepared itself for the challenges in the new world during this pandemic. Indeed, AirAsia had to wait patiently until the restrictions between regions were reopened.

Tony also believes that the travel business may not be the same as it was at pre-COVID-19 levels. The conditions were similar to those experienced after the September 11 case. He believes that a number of strict regulations will still be applied.

Likewise, CEO Karen Chan also believes that the two businesses will complement each other. Karen calls this business model as usual online travel agents (OTA). Its business model is to set competitive pricing (rates) and link it with other aggregators such as hotels.

AirAsia also has its own advantages which are supported by dynamic pricing in its flight schedules. As a result, Airasia can still optimize the airline’s occupancy level by adjusting the schedule and pricing according to hotel accommodation.

“We are still an airline, but currently in the blood (DNA) of airlines, there are challenges. So this is what we mean by being For that we will be the best OTA platform compared to others, “he explained.

Currently is a platform that provides traveling, e-commerce and fintech services in one door with more than 15 product lines available online or via super applications. With the power of data and technology, leverages its digital ecosystem consisting of 75 million users and 40 million app downloads. [sources/photo special]