THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is preparing a tourism discount program to encourage domestic tour purchase packages which are planned to begin in 2021.

According to the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, when speaking at the “Maya Tourism Industry Post COVID-19 Talk, Survival and Revival Strategy, Friday (16/10), said the COVID-19 pandemic will indeed change tourism trends. We have also compiled a various strategies.In the short term in 2021, post-vaccine, with a record that conditions are conducive, we are preparing a tourism discount program.

“The program, not only involves hotels and transportation services, but collaborates with various stakeholders. Everything else (excluding hotels and restaurants) will be included in this package. Of course, we will work together with stakeholders, the hope is to help the industry to recover,” Angela said.

For long-term tourism programs, continued Angela, directed at increasing “spending” or spending from domestic tourists. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the downfall of the tourism sector because tourism relies heavily on human movement. Indonesia with its great potential actually has opportunities for domestic tourism and this can still be maximized.

Angela added, if you look at the data on foreign tourist visits in 2019 as many as 16.1 million people, the total expenditure reached IDR274 trillion. Meanwhile, for the 282 million trips of domestic or domestic tourists, the total expenditure was around IDR307 trillion.

“So, this can actually still be pushed, this is homework in itself how to increase the ‘spending’ volume of domestic tourist travel. In addition, there is also the potential for Indonesians who previously went abroad, from UNWTO data in 2018 that the number was around 9.5 million. spending of around IDR150 trillion,” she noted.

Meanwhile, the Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office for Bali Province, Trisno Nugroho, said that in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, his party is active together with local governments and tourism actors such as the Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Association (PHRI) and the Bali Hotel Association  (BHA) in terms of thinking, proposing and finding solutions for efforts to promote tourism in Bali.

“We are doing these efforts to support programs such as the Bali Great Experience and Bali Movement. We are also actively involved in every tourism discussion to give our thoughts to the local government,” he stated.

He explained that during the pandemic, Bank Indonesia, Bali Province, also provided solutions on how to survive a crisis and a strategy to rise from adversity. We are trusted to be Deputy Chair of the Bali Province Economic Recovery Team. Besides, we are also actively providing solutions regarding the new normal procedure through the non-cash or contactless payment system, namely QRIS.

“Campaigns for using QRIS are also carried out in markets, DTWs and attractions such as Uluwatu, Monkey Forest, and even collaborating with the Indonesian National Army (TNI) to use QRIS. We also pay attention to the agricultural sector and MSMEs both through providing training facilitation, technical management assistance to organizing the Bali Krama Mutual Cooperation Market,” Trisno Nugroho concluded. [sources/photo special]