THE Hong Kong Tourism Board plans to establish bilateral cooperation with Singapore through the Travel Bubble, which will later open the Hong Kong Tourism Board to virtual visits to all countries in the world through the 360 ​​Hong Kong Moments program.

Through its press release, Hong Kong and Singapore have agreed to create a travel bubble through air travel between the two countries or Air Travel Bubble (ATB). This agreement revives air travel between the two countries in a safe and progressive manner.

As is known, for a long time Hong Kong and Singapore have had good trade relations, as well as the financial, tourism and business lines of relations between their citizens. These two countries are major aviation hubs, and international routes between these two countries were indeed the busiest in the Asia Pacific region prior to the pandemic.

According to Dr YK Pang, Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), stated that the existence of a special policy for travel between Hong Kong and Singapore is an important matter for both. In connection with this agreement and to inspire tourists to explore Hong Kong from all sides.

Therefore, the HKTB has launched the 360 ​​Hong Kong Moments program – in which Hong Kong opens up the country virtually with useful content designed to remind the world how beautiful and vast Hong Kong is.

“We welcome the announcement from the SAR Government of Hong Kong regarding an agreement to create an Air Travel Bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore,” Dr YK Pang said.

He also added that the announcement of the Air Travel Bubble agreement coincided with the launch of the HKTB standard hygiene protocol for tourism-related sectors with the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, which was announced last week.

The protocol is also related to the tourism sector which will be well prepared to welcome returning visitors, while strengthening the confidence of visitors to return to Hong Kong.

“HKTB also hopes that this series of Hong Kong 360 Moments programs will make Hong Kong come alive again and ensure that Hong Kong will be remembered by many people in the world before the formation of this Air Travel Bubble,” Pang noted.

The first in the series of 360 Hong Kong Moments programs, is a film with 3600 Virtual Reality (VR) technology, created specifically for the Hong Kong Great Outdoors program this year. This adventure with Virtual Reality (VR) technology will take you on a very interesting journey through the wilderness of Hong Kong which turns out to be very accessible.

You can also enjoy a taste of local cuisine connected to Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, take in the breathtaking skyline from above the magnificent mountains, and listen to the soothing gurgling of waterfalls.

From cities to mountains, and coastlines to parks, this stunning footage will completely immerse you in the rhythm and thrill of Hong Kong’s green lungs, bringing global residents as close as possible to Hong Kong wherever they are in the world. [sources/photo special]