THE online travel agency Pegipegi presents the Pegipegi Travel Protection travel insurance service which not only provides protection against losses, ranging from the risks posed by plane travel, but also health protection to COVID-19.

“A sense of security and cleanliness are very important factors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lifestyles and people’s behavior have changed, especially in terms of traveling,” Serlina Wijaya, Pegipegi’s Chief Marketing Officer said in her official press release.

She explained that we are trying to answer and meet people’s needs by providing complete travel insurance services with additional health protection and COVID-19 at an affordable price. This service includes protection of hospitalization costs, accidents, cancellation of trips due to accidents or medical emergencies as well as flight delays. As well as delays and loss of baggage damage, mismatches on connecting flights and cash compensation due to flight accidents.

Serlina added, interest in traveling seemed to increase along with the new normal implementation seen from the number of flight ticket bookings on the platform. Based on ordering data at Pegipegi during the long weekend at the end of August, it was seen that there was an increase in airline ticket bookings by up to 20% .

“The cities that were mostly targeted during that period were Medan, Jakarta, Padang, Makassar and Bali. In addition, we also see an increase in staycation trend of up to 1.5 times from June 2020 to the present,” she concluded. [photo special]