DURING the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel business is not for a long sleep but the start of an era and new adaptation habits in developing all hotel properties under Dafam Hotel Management (DHM) throughout Indonesia.

According to Andi Irawan, Chief Executive Officer of Dafam Hotel Management (DHM), while welcoming the arrival of the Jakarta Media Crew Association (HAM Jakarta) in Wonosobo, said that during this pandemic, DHM implemented a new concept, namely the journey of human capital and the journey of Information Technologist (IT). This effort is made to provide the best experience for customers or the best guest experience according to customer expectations.

“DHM has implemented the practices of these two concepts before this difficult time came. For the journey of IT program, DHM has developed in the last two years and we will continue to develop it to enhance the guest experience for customers,” he said.

Andy Irawan explained that DHM continues to develop digital and has been running for 2 years — this is for Journey of IT while for Journey of Human Capital — Dafam Group puts forward guest experience which means that in 2021 Dafam will appear with a new and aggressive face.

He added, with this concept with distinctive Indonesian service and hospitality which is the hallmark of DHM, it is not wrong that SWA Magazine will award it as The Best Company 2020 in December. This award was given because DHM during the pandemic never laid off employees.

At the same time he expressed his intention to take over two hotels this month, namely in Jakarta and in Bandung. No half-hearted, those hotels which we will be taken were hotels that had been managed by international hotel operators. Dafam will be present again in Jakarta with 260 rooms and 165 rooms in Bandung, West Java.

“Until this year, DHM has also made an MoU with investors for the construction of hotels in Malang, Mandalika (NTB), Payakumbuh (West Sumatra), Samarinda (West Kalimantan),” he noted

He emphasized that the pandemic is not for sleeping, I am fully aware that the era is different from the new adaptation habits, so we will continue to make development innovations in the future. [ Hadi.S]