SINGAPORE through the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and ITB Asia is organizing the first travel trade fair since the COVID-19 pandemic, with very strict health protocols.

TravelRevive is the first exhibition in Asia-Pacific to be held since the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure that all participants remain safe from the danger of corona virus transmission, the organizers have prepared a number of security procedures and of course still make it comfortable.

Before entering the building area, participants must scan the barcode given to the TraceTogether token given at the airport, considering that the participants mostly come from outside Singapore.

After that, participants are also required to take the anti-gene swab test that has been prepared by the organizer. The results can be obtained within 20 minutes, during that time, participants are asked to wait in the space provided.

Participants who have a negative test result can go directly to the ballroom or exhibition room. However, if the result is positive, you will be asked to continue the PCR Swab test at the place provided.

While in the exhibition hall, participants are prohibited from crowding around. In every place there are officers who are always on guard to remind if participants violate the safe distance.

Seats for participants have also been arranged based on groups and may not change positions with participants from other groups. Because this aims to facilitate the tracking process if later there are participants who contract the corona virus.

Every few meters, there is a surveillance camera to observe participants who violate rules such as removing masks or not keeping their distance. The application of this health protocol was arguably very strict and participants were not allowed to violate one bit.

In the exhibition space, there is a booth measuring 18 meters which is equipped with plexi glass as a protection between the seller and the participants. If you want to have a meeting with the seller, participants can book at the booth and chat with the seller in a booth or pods in a different area.

There is also no accumulation of participants or visitors here, because everything is arranged according to the hour. In addition, participants can only see the exhibition in one go and cannot return or reverse direction, the goal is not to bump into other participants.

“We are very pleased with TravelRevive’s presence, this is our hard work for months with the public and private sectors. We hope this will become a sustainable foundation for the future. business events thus providing a safer experience for visitors,” said Kwee Wei Lin, President of the Singapore Hotel Association in his official statement.

Meanwhile, before entering the Singapore region, participants must first fill out a Safe Travel Concierge, which helps tourists or participants to make a travel list and fulfill pre-requirements to enter Singapore.

Upon arrival at Changi airport, tourists or participants must take a PCR Swab test. After completing the test, participants must immediately go to the hotel and wait for the test results to come out.

A negative result, the participant can continue his visit in Singapore, but if positive, he will immediately be picked up to the referral hospital. However, tourists are not allowed to travel that is not in accordance with the pre-filled list.

When proven to have violated, there will be sanctions imposed, the heaviest thing is that the participant’s passport will be blacklisted. [antaranews]