THE grant funds from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for tourism players in West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), provide additional “energy” to survive the pandemic.

According to GM of Lombok Holiday Resort I Ketut M. Jaya Kusuma said we are very grateful, this is an extra for us, a kind of extra for ‘breathing’, this is extra ‘energy’ for us which is of course very helpful. The inn that he manages is one of 107 hotels and restaurants that have the qualifications to receive grants from the government. The total recipients of aid from the government in West Lombok are 86 hotels and 21 restaurants.

“Hotels and restaurants are included in the category of grant recipients after going through a process of checking and verifying the completeness of the requirements carried out by the Tourism Office together with the Inspectorate and the Regional Revenue Agency of West Lombok Regency. As well as being operational and having valid permits, tax-compliant hotels are also eligible to receive grant funds,” he said.

He added that we are one of the top 5 biggest contributors to grants, we are very grateful for this program.

Meanwhile, Head of the West Lombok Regency Tourism Office Saepul Ahkam in the socialization of tourism grant recipients for hotels and restaurants in West Lombok Regency, said the grant funds would be disbursed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in two stages.

“Each of 50% of the total funds to be disbursed amounting to IDR13.59 billion for West Lombok Regency. The funds will be disbursed in two phases, the first phase is before December 15th and the second phase will be disbursed before December 24th. The grant funds will be used by Jaya for employee welfare, completing standard health protocols in hotels and helping to pay for operational costs,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]