INDONESIA, especially Soekarno-Hatta Airport, has the potential to compete with Changi Airport, Singapore to become the distribution hub for the COVID-19 vaccine in Southeast Asia. However, the potential still needs to be realized through concrete steps.

According to Aviation Observer and Ombudsman Member Alvin Lie said Soekarno-Hatta Airport had adequate infrastructure to compete with Changi Airport as the distribution hub for the COVID-19 vaccine in Southeast Asia.

“It is up to who wants to carry out the positioning, this is trade competition, just the concept, the packaging, the price, the incentives, I think Indonesia can compete in a healthy manner. In order to capture this potential, he continued, the relevant ministers and state-owned enterprises need to make a design for Indonesia as a hub, so that it does not only focus on the domestic market,” he said.

Alvin Lie explained that please the Ministers and the President Directors of related SOEs together to plan whether to surrender to Singapore or Indonesia to have a concept that is no less interesting for companies that will market their vaccines in Southeast Asia.

“The possibility of Changi Airport becoming a distribution hub for the COVID-19 vaccine in Southeast Asia was very likely because the efforts were fast and precise. In fact, Singapore’s movement to take this position has outperformed other ASEAN countries. Singapore has even prepared Changi Airport as a place for vaccination services from various countries, not only for their citizens,” he noted.

He added thet for example, Indonesians who want to be vaccinated do not need to enter Singapore only at the airport. However, I am sure other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand will definitely look for a breakthrough.

Alvin emphasized that the movement of other Southeast Asian countries is important so that Singapore does not stand alone, resulting in competition. It’s just how ready Indonesia is to compete with them,” he added.

Singapore Changi Airport is working to become a distribution center for the corona virus (COVID-19) vaccine for the Southeast Asia region. The airport authority increased its cold storage capacity and set up a task force to oversee the project. [ special]