PT Angkasa Pura I predicts that passengers at Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region, on the Christmas and New Year 2021 holidays will experience an increase of 25% from normal days.

According to Yogyakarta International Airport Acting General Manager, Bambang Triyono in Kulon Progo, said that currently the number of round-trip passengers (PP) through Yogyakarta International Airport is an average of 4,000 passengers per day and in December 2020, the number has increased to 8,000 passengers per day. .

“Based on this, he predicts that the ongoing Christmas and New Year holidays are projected to increase again by 25%. If our projection is true, then estimate the number of passengers who come and go during the Christmas and New Year holidays around 10,000 people per day,” he said.

He added that currently, the number of flights at Yogyakarta International Airport has reached 45 flights per day. That number can increase if you enter the holidays or weekends.

Bambang explained that the high number of passengers was not a problem because the arrival and departure terminals were very wide and had been arranged in such a way with the implementation of health protocols.

“The number will not be a problem, because in terms of the size of the airport, it is certain to accommodate them all. We have also implemented strict health protocols,” he noted.

However, Bambang added that until now, his party had not received requests for additional flights from airlines using services at Yogyakarta International Airport.

“There are no additional flights yet, but we are still ready, because the flight slot here is very loose,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]