THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is reviewing efforts to expand the scope of tourism grant funds which will be continued to phase two in 2021. In the future, the funds will not only be allocated for the hotel and restaurant industry, but other tourism businesses in the tourism & creative economy sector.

According to the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, said the first stage tourism grant is only intended for hotel and restaurant businesses. However, currently we are still listing references that can be used as a reference and can be accounted for to be extended to other tourism businesses. So that the hope can run well in the future.

Furthermore, Angela said that this was a form of the Ministry of Tourism’s commitment and concern for all business actors in order to revive and revive the tourism sector and the creative economy.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Industry and Investment of Tourism Minsitry, Fadjar Hutomo explained that in relation to tourism grant funds, the current scheme is a scheme that has never existed before. This can be done because of good cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. This tourism grant fund uses a regional transfer mechanism. So it must be done from RKUN (state general cash account) to RKUD (regional general cash account).

Then, the distribution of tourism grant funds amounting to IDR3.3 trillion, given to local governments as much as 70% to be allocated as direct assistance to the hotel and restaurant industry. Meanwhile, 30% was used by local governments to handle the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the tourism sector and the creative economy.

“This is an evaluation for the Ministry of Tourism in expanding tourism grant funds. One of the things we want to benchmark in the future is the use of entertainment tax, although nominally it is far below the hotel tax & restaurant tax (PHPR),” Fadjar noted.

He added, nationally, the value of the 2019 hotel and restaurant tax was IDR26 trillion, while entertainment tax was IDR2.5 trillion. For other sectors, we are also looking for appropriate references that can be used for the expansion of this tourism grant. []