DURING 2020, the Indonesian government will actively promote tourism as an effort to save this business sector from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the addition of cases that are still ongoing, the Indonesian government remains consistent in supporting domestic tourism. You do this by popularizing #DiIndonesiaAja tours

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesians were encouraged to vacation in Indonesia. Therefore, the tagline Wonderful Indonesia has been changed to Thoughtful Indonesia. The government recommends a domestic vacation by carrying out #DiIndonesiaAja.

The following #DiIndonesiaAja Travel Trends, let’s take a peek to prepare your holiday schedule next year.

1. Staycation
Take advantage of vacation time outside the home by staying at a hotel or inn by implementing health protocols.

2. Voluntourism
Traveling while doing activities with social activities in the surrounding environment, for example; teaches reading, writing, cleaning trash, and more.

3. Virtual Tourism
Travel by utilizing technology so that tourists do not need to come to the location

4. Nature Tourism, namely Ecotourism to Agro-tourism
Tour trips carried out in groups or individually, for example going to forests, gardens, mountains, rice fields, hills, sea, national parks, and lakes.

5. Road Trip
Travel to other cities by relying on private vehicles to ensure social comparison. [ special]