MEMBER of Commission V House of Reopresentative (DPR-RI), Rifqinizamy Karsayuda asked the Ministry of Transportation to thoroughly evaluate air transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic after the Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 plane crash incident.

“The Minister of Transportation needs to conduct a total evaluation of various matters related to air transportation during the pandemic,” said Rifqi in a written statement in Jakarta.

The legislator explained that by mid-2020 the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) in the United States had issued recommendations for more than 2,000 Boeing 737 aircraft, in particular the Boeing 737-300, 737-400 and 737-500, which were used around the world during this pandemic. The FAA said that not using the aircraft for a long period of time would cause corrosion to the aircraft.

According to Rifqi, the FAA findings should have served as a strong warning to various airlines in the country using the Boeing 737 aircraft.

“The Ministry of Transportation had to anticipate the findings of the FAA in Indonesia from the start. Therefore, the SJ-182 disaster should be a total evaluation for our aviation world during this pandemic,” he said.

He explained that he would formally ask the leadership and members of Commission V DPR RI to sit down with the Minister of Transportation and all relevant officials, including the NTSC, to conduct a total evaluation after this disaster.

“In terms of aviation technology, there must be its own consequences due to the reduced volume of use of these planes, not to mention the issue of aircraft age, which is a lot of old age,”

The Sriwijaya SJ-182 plane crash on the Jakarta-Pontianak route caused deep wounds for the Indonesian nation in early 2021. Rifqinizamy Karsayuda expressed his deep shock and sorrow over this incident.

“There were some of my best friends and my wife who were passengers on SJ-182. I was shocked, at the same time very sad and lost over this tragedy,” he said.

He realized that this pandemic was a very difficult time for the world of aviation. Because from a business standpoint, the world of aviation really feels the impact. However, passenger safety is everything. [antaranews/photo special]