THE desire to travel among Japanese travelers remain strong. Being able to travel unhindered (37%) is what most Japanese are looking forward to in 2021, followed by spending more quality time with loved ones (33%) and getting closer to nature and the great outdoors (8%).

According to Tim Hughes, Vice President of Corporate Development, Agoda said survey from  Agoda showed while those aged 45-54 and 55 and above are more inclined to look forward to traveling unhindered, Japanese in age groups 18-24, 25-34 and 35-44 are most looking forward to spending quality time with loved ones.

“The ‘What Matters 2021’ survey for Agoda also found that Japanese travelers are committed to travelling at a slower pace (37%), travelling more with loved ones (23%) and taking more spontaneous trips (13%), when traveling in 2021. Traveling more with friends or family is the top travel commitment for respondents aged 18-24, but across the rest of the age groups, traveling at a slower pace was top,” he said.

Tim Hughers explained that as we usher in 2021, one in three people surveyed are most looking forward to spending more quality time with loved ones this year. This is followed by being able to travel unhindered (24%) and doing things that matter or make a difference (21%). When traveling in 2021, travelers across markets are committed to traveling more with friends and family in 2021, taking more spontaneous trips as well as making more eco-friendly travel choices.

“Interestingly, respondents 55 and above were most looking forward to traveling unhindered, while those between ages 25-54 were keen to spend quality time with family and friends, and youths (18-24) were most excited about making a difference in 2021,” he noted.

The ‘What Matters 2021’ survey for Agoda, he continued that also found that globally people are committed to traveling differently in 2021. Planning to travel more with friends and family in 2021, taking more spontaneous trips as well as making more eco-friendly travel choices are the top three travel priorities in the new year.

“2020 was a year of survival and of making the best of it. Despite all that struggle and hardship, our research shows that there is a global desire for travel, connection, meaning and spending time with friends and family. Travel will resume eventually, because, ultimately, the human desire to travel is unstoppable,” Tim Hughes affirmed.

He concluded that at Agoda, we believe in the future of travel. Our research backs this up, confirming that travel is one of the top things people look forward to in 2021. More than that – people are committed to making a difference, traveling with people who matter, open to more unplanned, last-minute trips, and considering the environmental impact they make as they travel. [photo special]