PELABUHAN Indonesia III  or Pelindo III collaborated with PT Sarinah to empower Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Bali Province through the construction of Benoa Harbor to become the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub (BMTH).

According to Pelindo III President Director U. Saefudin Noer said the collaboration step with Sarinah was a form of the company’s seriousness in empowering MSMEs. According to him, Pelindo III is currently carrying out the mandate to accelerate the development of Benoa Port to become the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub (BMTH).

Later, BMTH will become a tourism port that becomes the entrance for foreign tourists using cruise ships. Pelindo III is also preparing so that BMTH can provide benefits and added value for MSME players.

“Inside the BMTH area there will be centers for UMKM, including umkm plaza, international terminal and food court for UMKM. To prepare all of that, we invite Sarinah to collaborate in policy preparation, coaching, selection, curation and promotion according to their respective competencies, “he said.

Furthermore, Saefudin explained that for the initial stage in 2021, there were locations for at least 20 MSMEs located at Benoa Cruise Terminal, Benoa Harbor. The plan is that BMTH will be able to accommodate up to 155 MSMEs with a variety of products, including food and beverages.

“BMTH is one of the tourism port developments carried out by Pelindo III. In other ports in the Pelindo III working area, tourism support infrastructure arrangements are also carried out, including Marina Boom Banyuwangi, Gilimas Terminal West Nusa Tenggara, Wae Kelambu Port Labuan Bajo East Nusa Tenggara, Tanjung Perak Port, Tanjung Emas Port and Kumai Port, “he explained. .

Pelindo III and Sarinah can support each other by showing competence in their respective fields. The collaboration between Pelindo III and Sarinah was marked by the signing of an online memorandum of understanding by both parties.

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Sarinah, Fetty Kwartati said that his party would support Pelindo III’s plan to support the empowerment of MSMEs at Benoa Harbor, Bali. With experience in the retail business, Sarinah will strive for UMKM products that will be sold at BMTH to have high quality and value.

“Cruise ship & Yacht visitor is a recreation of the world’s established people. As a national product brand promoter, Sarinah can take advantage of these high-class tourists as influencers who can become messengers to various parts of the world where they come from,” she concluded. [antaranews]