HEALTH tourism has begun to be developed in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, in order to support this location as a super priority destination set by the government.

According to the Director of Siloam Hospitals Labuan Bajo, Dr. Hermas Irawan, stated that we are ready to play a role and make Labuan Bajo a health tourism destination. Since November 2020, when a Health and Safety Protocol Simulation was carried out at the Labuan Bajo tourist destination by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, we participated as a Health Service Facility Reference Center.

“For this reason, a number of registration areas and outpatient services have been specially prepared for tourists. We also help alert the emergency team in emergency cases for tourists who have an accident while traveling in Labuan Bajo,” Dr. Hermas Irawan said.

According to Hermas, comfort in traveling is the main thing that tourists want today, including comfort in getting health facilities. We try to understand that currently the comfort of tourists is the main thing, so we also prepare an ambulance call out service for every hotel in need, including air ambulance services to preparation of referrals via commercial aircraft to other Siloam hospital networks in Eastern Indonesia.

“As a note in improving health tourism services for foreign tourists and local tourists, we also provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (HBOCT) service facilities. Apart from being aimed at handling decompression sickness that is often experienced by deep sea divers, Hyperbaric Oxygen is also used to treat various clinical indications,” he noted.

He explained that among them can be used for healing body wounds such as burns and wounds related to diabetes mellitus and skin grafting. We have done this therapy in 2019 for 2 patients and the results are good. For cases due to diving accidents in 2019 we have handled nearly 40 patients. And all of them were handled well.

In early 2020 when the pandemic occurred, hyperbaric services were only intended for emergency cases, with the consideration of maintaining the spread and transmission of COVID-19 so as not to infect patients who would be hyperbaric.

“Because hyperbaric therapy is carried out in a closed room and limited air circulation, there is no access to outside air. In addition to improving health tourism services, the focus of handling during the COVID-19 pandemic is still alerted through screening services for travelers, namely antibody tests, antigen tests, ID Now including SWAB PCR,” Hermas Irawan affirmed.

Hermas added that the increase in the number of bed facilities for inpatients was also increased by 26 beds. Previously the bed capacity was 100 beds.

In addition, they also added air circulation routes in a number of areas to make services more comfortable and safe, including providing areas for patients who were confirmed positive for COVID-19 with special rooms for isolation. [antaranews/photo special]