MINISTER of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, plans to have an office in Bali to pursue economic recovery on the Island of the Gods. The plan, he will visit Bali regularly and stay in 3-4 days every month.

According to Sandiaga Uno said I have an office in Bali at least once a month a few days, this is a real office, not a visit, but an office. With my office in Bali, I will feel firsthand the impact of the decline in the tourism sector and the creative economy on the people’s economy. Currently, 80% of Balinese people depend on these two sectors.

“I hope that this plan will produce policies that are more targeted and on time. The desire to have an office in Bali is also a form of attention to the crisis felt by the local population,” Sandiaga noted.

Sandiaga explained that his plan to have an office in Bali was being discussed with the ranks of the Ministry. After this is realized, he will open discussions on the Island of the Gods regularly with business actors and local social observers.

“We are currently carrying out initiatives like this [having offices in the regions]. However, I have not yet explained how long the program will take to operate in Bali. But I hope Bali tourism will quickly rise,” he added.

Bali’s economic growth until the third quarter of 2020 was recorded to have contracted up to 12.28%. Throughout 2020, Bank Indonesia has estimated that Bali’s economy will touch the level of minus 8.5-9.5%. [antaranews/photo special]