MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, invited the millennial generation to become pioneers in implementing higher quality sustainable tourism.

“The younger generation must be the first to be able to carry out and spread a tourism movement that not only enjoys natural beauty, but also preserves it. Millennials must encourage this change, that we must care more about the environment. We must be able to carry out activities that adopt environmental sustainability agendas,” Sandiaga Uno said.

He added that the future of tourism and Indonesia’s creative economy is belongs to the millennial generation. For that he asked that this awareness really be understood by the younger generation. Circular economy must be understood and implemented. So for millennial friends, start from yourself and use social media to spread this way of thinking.

“The issue of waste and environmental sustainability is one of the problems facing Indonesian tourism. Based on data from the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2019, of the 14 pillars that assess the competitiveness of Indonesian tourism, there are three pillars whose positions are above 100 out of 141 countries and must be a concern, namely environmental sustainability, tourist service infrastructure, as well as health and hygiene,” he noted.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy itself, said Sandiaga, would use the concept of a public partner partnership between the government and the business world to help reduce waste and deal with sustainability issues.

“How do we collaborate on the concept of partnerships with companies that issue plastic products, for example. And millennials can be involved in the program,” Sandiaga stated.

In collaboration with local governments, Tourism Ministry will also try to form “special forces” such as PPSU officers (orange troops) who will later be deployed to tourist destinations.

“Collaborating with all parties, including the local government and the business world, so that they do not only clean, also make it beautiful, make the environment healthy and safe by empowering the surrounding community in cultivating sustainability agendas,” Sandiaga said.

In the future, tourism development and creative economy trends will be more personalize, customize and smaller in size. So that it must really be able to bring quality and sustainable tourism.

“I encourage local governments and business actors in the tourism sector and creative economy to see their potential and develop it according to local wisdom in their respective regions,” Sandiaga completed. []