TIKETLIVE is one of the flagship programs offered by which was launched in 2020 as a forum for discussion with tourism sector workers to introduce and encourage the popularity of tourism destinations so that they can inspire tourists and local residents in planning their trips or holidays.

The pioneer Online Travel Agent (OTA) in Indonesia who will celebrate its 10th anniversary,, had the opportunity to chat with Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, regarding plans to encourage the recovery of Indonesia’s tourism industry at the tiketLIVE event premiered in 2021, on January 25th.

In the premiere of tiketLIVE in 2021, the studio was visited by Sandiaga Uno on the sidelines of his busy work agenda. As a guest of honor, he advised to continue to be disciplined in carrying out health protocols.

“Even though the government is intensifying the vaccination process on a national scale, it is really important for us together to be introspective in implementing health protocols with high discipline wherever we are. Not only when on vacation, but in carrying out daily activities,” he said.

Sandiaga Uno explained that in addition to supporting the recovery of the tourism industry by visiting destinations that are safe to visit, making health protocols part of a lifestyle is also an effort to support the recovery of the Indonesian economy. In addition to advising on the importance of implementing health protocols, he also highlighted the 5 super priority destination programs as the main focus of 2021.

“The main mission of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of President Joko Widodo is to clean up the development of 5 super priority destinations. I am really excited to develop various creative ideas with the support of collaboration from tourism industry stakeholders such as, so that this mission can be realized soon,” he noted.

Meanwhile according to Gaery Undarsa, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of, said since last year, has prepared itself to be the first to support the government to accelerate the recovery of Indonesia’s tourism industry, which is the livelihood of millions of citizens, especially workers in the formal and informal sectors. That is why 2021 will be the year for the realization of various kinds of work plans while continuing to take advantage of every opportunity to invite the discipline of health protocol practice.

“, reaffirmed their commitment to support the recovery of national tourism, We are ready to support the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for gercep, geber, and gaspol with a range of interesting activities and programs to support the InDonesia Care campaign – in promoting tourism villages and special interest tours, and in particular helping to highlight the 5 super priority destinations,” Gaery said.

Here are 5 super priority destinations chosen to become Indonesian tourism icons on the world stage:

Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara
Although it is truly famous for its uniqueness of Komodo tourism in Komodo National Park and Pink Beach, Sandiaga Uno’s unique recommendation is to watch the sun set on Bukit Sylvia because this area is known for its thousand sunsets, trekking to Padar Island and Kanawa, then feel the full underwater experience. charm at some point diving such as; Batu Bolong, Castle Rock and Manta Point.

In addition to natural beauty, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy wants to sharpen its focus on popularizing the potential of the creative economy such as weaving, coffee, and many more. So that tourists visiting Labuan Bajo not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also get more value by shopping for the creative products of local residents.

Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)
Get rid of fatigue and fatigue by visiting NTB’s Hidden Gem. Not only does it offer the beauty of natural beaches by surfing such as Gerupuk Beach, Kuta Beach, Seger Beach, or Tanjung Aan, but also offers cultural tourism worth learning. The most famous is the Bau Nyale Festival (a local event in Mandalika where people gather to hunt earthworms).

As one of Indonesia’s super priority destinations, Tourism Ministry wants to develop Mandalika’s reputation and infrastructure so that it is ready to host sports tourism. In the future, Mandalika will have a MotoGP circuit with the construction of the Mandalika Street Race Circuit Cluster covering an area of ​​120 hectares consisting of an International Scale Racing Circuit, Convention Center, and 7 luxury hotels in line with the management and development plan for the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) – a tourism-based area. from the Indonesian government.

Lake Toba, North Sumatera
Tourism Ministry appointed Lake Toba as a new icon of Indonesian tourism based on natural beauty. As a wondrous wonder of the world, this crater lake is so big and in the middle of this lake is an island almost the size of Singapore. With an area of ​​more than 1,145 square kilometers, and a depth of 450 meters, Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean. It is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and one of the deepest lakes in the world.

Enjoy a kayaking experience on Lake Toba by choosing three types of lake hopping routes (Tongging-Silalahi, Tongging-Samosir, or Northern Circle). Then, refresh your mind by enjoying the cool lake atmosphere with glamping (luxury tent) at The Caldera Toba Nomadic Escape located in Sibisa, Ajibata District, Toba Samosir Regency. You can enjoy the beauty of nature with a variety of luxurious facilities such as Bohemian-style tents, transparent bubble tents, eco-friendly camping pods or ecopods, as well as an open theater with a capacity of 300 people.

For tourists looking for souvenirs, Ulos woven cloth is a valuable souvenir that serves not only as clothing, but also as a symbol of social status, valuable inheritance, and an important celebration gift in life. In addition, delicious arabica coffee beans are called Sumatera Mandheling.

Likupang, North Sulawesi
Likupang is a sub-district in North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. The name of this area is a hot topic of conversation in 2020 because the Indonesian government has designated it as one of the super priority destinations. This means that the government will maximize tourism development from various aspects. This area is also being prepared to become a Special Economic Zone (KEK) for tourism.

With a two-hour car trip from Manado, there are many exotic beaches to choose from, namely Pulisan Beach and Hill, Paal Beach, Lihaga Beach, to Gangga Island. For tourists who travel to West Likupang, there is Bahoi Village, which is a fishing village that has independent ecotourism to protect the marine ecosystem. This Bahoi Village Ecotourism consists of mangrove forests located on the edge of the sea.

Borobudur, Central Java
One of UNESCO’s world cultural heritages, Borobudur Temple is often considered to be in the city of Yogyakarta, even though it is actually in the city of Magelang, precisely on Jalan Badrawati with easy access because it is located on a roadside.

For people who make a visit to Borobudur Temple one of their top dreams, they must also include several tourist sites around Borobudur Temple in their itinerary; Punthuk Setumbu, Bukit Rhema Chicken Church, Umbul Temple Bath, Pinus Kragilan, Ratu Boko Temple, to Breksi Cliff. Central Java is still very thick with Javanese culture and customs, so it’s no wonder that many tourist destinations are historical relics. Currently, the temples have been restored and are open to the public.

“We believe that sustainable partnerships are a key solution in driving the recovery of Indonesia’s tourism industry. The strategic collaboration between and Tourism Ministry will certainly have a positive impact on breadwinners in the tourism industry,” Gaery added.

The various roles played by, which is not only a pioneer of the OTA platform in Indonesia, but also a window of information for local and international tourists who want to explore Indonesia, will further open up opportunities to accelerate the recovery of the tourism industry. We are optimistic about a complete recovery throughout 2021. [antaranews/sources]