SAUDI Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA), Saudi Arabia’s national airline, has been awarded Diamond Status by APEX Health Safety presented by Simpliflying for the airline’s efforts to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation throughout its operations.

The AIRLINE Passenger Experience Association (APEX) APEX award recognizes industry leadership and oversight in ensuring airlines implement strict measures in the safety and protection of COVID-19.

According to CEO of SAUDIA, Captain Ibrahim S. Koshy said SAUDIA considers the safety of all passengers and teams to be the most important and commitment to hygiene and health protocols that can be used as an example in every trip.

“Safety is the most important thing. Our team is exceptionally dedicated and ready to provide excellent SAUDIA services on board while still complying with the AIRLINE’s COVID19 Health Protocol,” he said.

Meanwhile APEX CEO Dr. Joe Leader said after being awarded a 5-Star airline by APEX 2021, and in the same year SAUDIA is now advancing by reaching the highest level of “Diamond Level” in hospital-equivalent safety health for the welfare of each passenger.

“In APEX’s 42 years as a non-profit organization fully dedicated to improving the airline passenger experience, SAUDIA’s commitment to passenger service has never been as brilliance as evidenced today by a comprehensive scientifically based SimpliFlying review,” he noted.

Likewise Shashank Nigam,CEO of SimpliFlying said SAUDIA has improved health safety standards in the industry through initiatives such as partnerships with Dettol companies and toilet sanitation after use. Taking such hospital-equivalent safety measures to ensure and help strengthen trust among customers. [photo special]