TOURISM players in Bali are waiting for a decision by the central government regarding the distribution of soft loans which are predicted to be worth IDR9.9 trillion. The scheme and a number of requirements for submission are a question for a number of entrepreneurs.

The reason is, from the distribution of grant funds in 2020, which amounted to IDR1.1 trillion, was more dominantly absorbed by the Badung regional government than private business players. Based on the records of the Badung regency government, it received grant funds of up to IDR948 billion or 86.18% of the total funds due to adjusting the Tourism Business Registration Certificate (TDUP).

According to the owner of The Kayon Resorts, Farah Palupi, this soft loan is needed for large entrepreneurs engaged in the tourism sector to ensure business machines can continue to operate amid the decline in tourist visits. Schemes and requirements are things that must be ascertained so that the distribution of this soft loan can benefit entrepreneurs.

Ira hopes that if this soft loan becomes channeled, the application can match the needs and abilities of each entrepreneur. Likewise with the provision of interest which is expected to be cheaper than the usual loan.

“Please simplify the implementation of the administration and reduce the interest rates with calculations that refer to the need for operational and maintenance financing in each hotel in preparation for hotel reopening,” she said.

Meanwhile, General Manager Kayumanis Jimbaran Made Karta said that the soft loan is expected to help the cash flow of companies that are currently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Indonesia, which has closed the entry of foreign nationals into the country for almost 10 months, has made the flow of company funds very heavy.

“If the program is actually realized, we don’t know how much the loan value is,” he said.

Previously, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said that the IDR9.9 trillion soft loan will ensure that the tourism machine can continue to live in the midst of recovery efforts so that Bali will be ready to welcome tourists when the pandemic has been resolved.

This program is considered to be fresh blood for tourism and the creative economy of Bali. The plan is for this soft loan fund to be disbursed by state money in banks to business actors through the national economic recovery program.

“Cash is king, because now the locomotive tourism friends have stopped and this is how this locomotive starts,” he said.

Likewise, Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati hopes that this soft loan can be immediately accessed by business actors in Bali in the 2021 Janauri. The Provincial Government also hopes that the soft loan can provide interest below the people’s business credit (KUR) or lower than 3%. As soon as possible.

The governor said that business actors who can access soft loans are likely to be selected according to several criteria. A number of criteria that must be met, namely licensing, business owners domiciled in Bali, to the size of the business capacity. The maximum is not there, depending on the capabilities of each business player. [ special]