ALCOHOLIC beverage industry players admit that they do not have high hopes this year, due to a number of territorial restrictions that are still ongoing around the world.

According to the Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Beverage Importers and Distributors (APIDMI), Ipung said the prohibition of traveling for foreign tourists in various countries is still happening at this time. As a result, this year there will be almost no performance boosters to expect from alcoholic beverages.

“Last year, without foreign tourists, consumption had fallen by more than 50%. Applications for beverage imports from 14 companies were only 40% approved because permits were almost 8 months late. In fact, there were those who did not carry out import permits because they did not dare to have a lot of international traffic. restrained due to COVID-19,” he said.

Ipung said that APIDMI currently has high hopes for the new Minister of Trade because he has a promise to be more transparent in the future. This is so that in the future the performance of the alcoholic beverage industry can encourage increased performance.

According to Ipung, this industry will at least start enjoying growth next year after vaccination activities produce good results. He ensured that without social activities and alcohol tourism it would be difficult.

“Moreover, the mindset here is still linked to a certain religion. If the cafe is closed, the tourist center is closed, we can only pray because this is also not a product that is generally stocked at home by the community,” concluded Ipung. []