CHINESE New Year is one of the New Year celebrations that are celebrated not only in their home country, in China, but also around the world. Celebrations usually begin during the first month of the Chinese calendar and end at Cap Go Meh, that is, 15 days after Chinese New Year.

According to the Director of Kitchen HARRIS Vertu Harmoni, Chef Suyitno explained that it is hoped that by celebrating it, there will be good luck and prosperity in the coming year. To welcome the Chinese New Year in 2021 which falls on February 12, 2021, HARRIS Vertu Harmoni Jakarta presents an exclusive dinner on New Year’s Eve, February 11 and lunch on February 12, 2021.

“This dinner is specially created by the Chef and served in a buffet for the“ All You Can Eat ”service. We want to provide the best menus so that the Chinese New Year will be more memorable for our guests. This Chinese New Year we provide a very special menu, namely Grilled Lobster, Hoisom Oyster Sauce, Abalone, Prime Beef Ribs, Prawn Mayonnaise Sauce, Sushi Sashimi and many other menus,” he said.

He added that on this special day, we prepared a presentation of traditional Yee Shang dishes to accompany the best wishes for a more successful New Year. In addition, to enliven the atmosphere, the Chinese New Year event will also be enlivened by lion dance attractions.

“Because this year, Chinese New Year is only a day different from Valentine’s, so the Chinese New Year atmosphere and decorations at HARRIS Vertu Harmoni are combined with Valentine’s nuances by taking the theme of pastel colors,” Suyitno noted.

He explained, while celebrating Valentine’s Day, there will be a special set menu for couples who want to celebrate at the Voyage Restaurant. There are 3 kinds of set menus offered, including serving the menu: Chicken Cobb with avocado, pan seared salmon fillet, ambrosial trio of chocolate with strawberry sauce.

For Chinese New Year, the price offered is IDR 488,000nett per person with a 50% discount for partner credit or debit card holders. Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day is offered with prices starting at IDR330,000 nett/person for the 3-course Set Menu. For reservations, please contact 021-22036000 or WhatsApp at 08118683788. []