EXCEPTIONAL culinary journeys that satisfy, surprise and delight are an intrinsic part of an Aman experience. Named ‘Peaceful Soul’ for the serenity, privacy, and beauty of its setting, Amanjiwo invites guests to embrace Javanese heritage and culture through its culinary tradition by presenting A Culinary Expedition to Java which will be held between 25th-28th March 2021.

Hosted by three of the country’s most renowned chefs Eelke Plasmeijer, Wayan Kresna Yasa and Fernando Sindu, Amanjiwo will celebrate Javanese cuisine and its rich symbolism, with a series of events. Over three days, guests will be invited to experience exquisite dining sessions, exciting foraging expeditions, lunch with a view, cooking classes, intimate dinners, and an exclusive gala dinner at the majestic Borobudur Temple.

An Exquisite Gastronomic Itinerary
The island of Java is vast and diverse with its unique topography, mountains and highlands dotted with magnificent mountains, lowlands and plains and some of the richest rice-lands in the world. Created as a result of this landscape are communities with varied cultures, traditions and cuisines that inspire the culinary expedition experience at Amanjiwo. ​

The journey will commence with a 5-course menu prepared by Chef Fernando Sindu showcasing Javanese flavors and ingredients at a welcome dinner. On the second day, chefs Wayan Kresna Yasa and Eelke Plasmeijer will present a special feast at lunch by the beautiful Progo River.

The centerpiece of the meal is a whole lamb which is marinated overnight and roasted atop fiery coals, creating a tender meat with a strong smokiness and delicious flavor. On the final day, chefs Eelke, Fernando and Wayan will collaborate on a magnificent 6-course meal prepared with the freshest local ingredients produced on the grounds of Amanjiwo creating a culinary masterpiece to match the iconic backdrop. ​

Guests are also given the option of additional activities from an ‘Eating for Your Health’ cooking demonstration by Chef Wayan at Rumah Pizza, as well as an intimate dinner limited to eight guests at Pak Bilal served by Chef Fernando and finally a ‘Forage for Your Breakfast’ experience by Chef Eelke which is limited to 10 guests.

With three-nights to experience this inspiring location, guests are able to fully-immerse themselves in Amanjiwo’s sacred roots, continuing their journey through Java. Just two-kilometres away, the temple of Borobudur – a 9th-century marvel with 504 life-size Buddha statues – reveals ancient secrets, while trekking through the lush surrounding landscapes to local villages unearths an entirely new way of life.

Throughout their time at Amanjiwo, each guest will receive daily breakfast overlooking the dramatic vistas of the Menorah Hills – an idyllic opportunity to reconnect with loved ones in this magical place. Bringing to life a culinary experience like no other at Amanjiwo, the three renowned chefs will celebrate the rich culinary culture of Java. []