A TOTAL of 27 painters held an exhibition entitled “Move On” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic which was held at Bidadari Art Space Gianyar, Bali for a month until March 13, 2021.

“Moving on is important during a pandemic. It means that we are constantly moving, constantly changing, impermanent. Impermanence is at the core of Buddhist thought and is the norm in the world. Everything is constantly changing. This pandemic has driven a major transition for everyone, including those who make a living. on art,” said the owner of Bidadari Art Space, Hiromi Wada in Mas Village Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

Hiromi Wada explained that the painters took the “Valentine” momentum, associated with the current situation of the nation. Valentine is actually not only narrowly means the love of two partners, but it can be interpreted more broadly, namely true love for others and the environment.

Moreover, when the world’s citizens are struggling to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, sowing the spirit of compassion is a must. When a pandemic plague becomes more widespread, there is no other word than to work together to overcome the pandemic, protect each other and help each other.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not dampened the enthusiasm of artists to continue working, even though the economy has been slumped by the pandemic, the artists are still productive to explore new ideas, manifested in visual works. Likewise, gallery owners are still trying to maintain the art atmosphere by helping to exhibit the works of the artists while still paying attention to health protocols (prokes).

The exhibition was attended by 27 artists who continued to apply strict procedures, namely wearing masks, maintaining distance or avoiding crowds and washing their hands.

The painters involved were Made Wiradana, Kadek Armika, Nyoman Sujana Kenyem, Romi Sukadana, Anyon Muliastra, Dedy Reru, Loka Suara, Wijaya Sutha, Duatmika Bodrex, Made Arya Palguna, I Ketut Tenang, I Wayan Sudarna Putra, Made Suparta Wijaya, I Made Subrata, I Kadek Dedy Sumantra Yasa, Ito Joyo Atmojo, I Ketut Suwidiarta, Made “Kaek” Dharma Susila, Putu Bonuz Sudiana, Teguh Rithma Iman, I Made Dolar Astawa, I Kadek Susila Dwiyana, Ponk Hantaguna, Nyoman Adiana, Kamau Abayomi, Handy Saputra and I Gede Made Surya Darma.

“Move on” is the translation of a revival amidst the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The artists present brought optimism. They share stories through visual language and try to open space for contemplation and appreciation, so that new excitement emerges in the new era, to always move, move on, work and take positive lessons from the pandemic.

Meanwhile, I Gede Made Surya Darma, Founder of Lepud Art Management, said that during this pandemic, all parties felt the same anxiety and worry, who knows when this complicated condition ends.

Lepud Art Management tries to share stories in artworks about the anxiety of fellow artists through this art exhibition with the theme “Move On”. The theme was taken to invite all of us, artists and art connoisseurs, to rise from adversity during this pandemic. With advances in technology, we try to adapt to circumstances. With this pandemic, we share stories, in artistic activities.

“Armed with the experience of organizing art festivals and exhibitions, we are here hand in hand with all parties to maintain the artistic atmosphere. This time we join hands with Bidadari Art Space. For holding this exhibition, we would like to thank Hiromi Wada and Made Sudiana who have already held this exhibition. facilitate the exhibition,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]