MINISTER of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, revealed that the late Minister of Culture and Tourism for the 2000-2004 period, I Gede Ardika, during his life made a very big contribution to the development of domestic tourism and even Southeast Asia.

I Gede Ardika passed away on Saturday (20/2). After being buried at the Santo Borromeus Funeral Home, Bandung, this morning, Monday (22/2) a ceremony was held to honor the deceased at the DOM of the Tourism High School (STP) Bandung, West Java.

The tribute ceremony began at 08.08 WIB, shortly after the ambulance carrying the late I Gede Ardika arrived. The atmosphere of emotion and solemnity was felt, especially when the coffin was covered with red and white flags.

Sandiaga Uno, who acted as the inspector of the ceremony, said that the deceased made a big contribution in developing sustainable and responsible tourism in Indonesia. We also see his alignment with job creation in the tourism sector.

“There are several achievements and the results of I Gede Ardika’s hard work that were sparked during his lifetime to advance the tourism sector and creative economy in the country. Among them are Law number 10 of 2009 concerning Tourism and the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) in the tourism sector which were established in 2004,” Sandiaga said.

He explained that he also came up with the idea of ​​village-based tourism and tourism villages that were widely developed. It is a legacy that he also presented at the general session of the UNWTO (United Nations of World Tourism Organization) in Santiago, Chile in 1999. This tourist village is also our flagship program at this time.

I Gede Ardika, Sandiaga said, also set a strong foundation in the development of national tourism which is closely related to cultural treasures and natural resources. The man who was born in Singaraja, Bali, February 15, 1945 has a broad view of sustainable tourism in national development practices to make Indonesia a quality tourism destination.

He stated this in a book entitled “Sustainable Tourism, Pioneering Paths Through the Community” which was launched in 2008.

“In the book that is the guide for all of us, he conveyed his ideas about the world of tourism in the future. He discussed how tourism development in Indonesia should be based on the concept of principles and ideals as part of national development,” Sandiaga noted.

In addition, the late I Gede Ardika also made great contributions in making Indonesian tourism and culture proud in the international arena. This is proven by the recognition of Keris as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) on 25 November 2005 ago.

“The late I Gede Ardika also took part in establishing the Tourism Occupational Skill Standard (TOSS) at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) level in 2000. In addition, SKKNI for Tourism was also established as a common competency standard at the ASEAN level in 2012,” Sandiaga stated.

Until the end of his life, I Gede Ardika was still listed as a member of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics representing the Asia Pacific region at UNWTO from 2007 to the present. Thus, Sandiaga representing all levels of officials at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy expressed his gratitude to the late I Gede Ardika.

“At the end of the life of the deceased, there are truly complete achievements that we should exemplify together. Real work, superior achievements, peak career and intellectuality are also inspiring spiritual depths,” Sandiaga said.

After the tribute ceremony, the cremation procession will be continued at Cikadut TPU, Cicaheum, Bandung City. After the cremation process, followed by an ash crowd at Mount Bohong, Cimahi,” he concluded. []