THE Ministry of Health emphasizes that foreign citizens who come to Indonesia and Indonesian citizens  who are repatriating to the country are required to carry out self-quarantine for five days at a place determined by the government.

According to Sub-Coordinator for Regional Health Quarantine and Land Cross Border Posts of the Ministry of Health I Made Yosi Purbadi Wirentana in a discussion held by the COVID-19 Management Task Force online in Jakarta, Wednesday, said that the provisions had been regulated in the COVID-19 Handling Task Force Circular Number 8 of 2021 Concerning International Travel Health Protocol during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“It is obligatory to apply the flow of the international travel health protocol, there is no exception whether a foreigner or an Indonesian citizen is obliged to implement and apply this protocol,” he said.

He explained the prevention and screening of foreigners and Indonesian citizens who would come to Indonesia, starting from their country of origin before entering the Republic of Indonesia until they were examined during quarantine.

Every foreigner or citizen from abroad who is going to Indonesia, he said, is required to have a negative Rapid Test (RT)-PCR test result for COVID-19 within a maximum period of 3×24 hours before departure. Upon arriving in Indonesia, the international traveler was subjected to a RT-PCR retest and required to undergo centralized quarantine within five days.

International travelers who are included in the category of Indonesian migrant workers, students, and government employees who return from a foreign official trip will quarantine for five days at Wisma Pademangan. Meanwhile, Indonesian citizens outside this category and foreigners are required to undergo quarantine at the 20 recommended hotels with independent costs.

After the traveler is quarantined for five days, a RT-PCR test will be repeated. If the test results are negative, the Indonesian citizen and foreigner are allowed to continue their journey to their destination.

Meanwhile, if during the first RT-PCR test and the second test shows a positive result, the Indonesian citizen and foreigner will be referred to a COVID-19 referral hospital. For Indonesian citizens, it will be fully funded by the government, while for foreigners, they must bear the cost of treatment independently.

The quarantine obligation is exempted for foreigners holding diplomatic visas and official visas related to official or state visits of foreign officials at ministerial level and above and foreigners who enter Indonesia through the Travel Corridor Arrangement scheme,”  I Made Yosi Purbadi Wirentana concluded. [antaranews/photo special]