THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is collaborating with the Ministry of Trade in order to revive the tourism and creative economy (parekraf) sector in Indonesia (RI).

In the 2021 Ministry of Trade Meeting which was held online, Thursday (4/3), the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said that the Ministry of Tourism has several programs that support each other with the Ministry of Trade.

So, Sandiaga also invited the Minister of Trade, M. Luthfi and his staff to sit together and synergize the national economic recovery programs which are closely related to the tourism sector and the creative economy developed by the two ministries.

“It would be nice if we sit together and look for one or two similar programs, such as in the culinary and fashion sectors, for example. So that we can map which programs have the potential to produce maximum results,” Sandiaga said.

On that occasion, Sandiaga explained the national movement program Bangga Buatan Indonesia (Proud Made in Indonesia) with activities such as  “Ada di Warung” (It’s at a Warung) and #BeliK KreatifLokal which aims to introduce and invite creative economy players to market and introduce their products through digital platforms.

Until January 2021, there were already around four million creative economy players who were onboarding to the digital platform through Gerakan Nasional Belanja Buatan Indonesia (The National Movement for Shopping Made in Indonesia).

“Since May 2020, there have been around four million creative economy players who have entered the digital ecosystem. It is planned that this year we want six million creative economy actors onboarding to the digital ecosystem. So that in total there will be 10 million creative economy players or micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who are onboarding to the digital platform,” he noted.

Sandiaga also encouraged the regulation of country of origin for local creative products to increase the marketing of these products. This arrangement is considered to play an important role in encouraging the marketing of Indonesian local creative products.

Meanwhile Minister of Trade, M. Luthfi said that Trade Ministry welcomed the collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to improve and revive the tourism sector and the country’s creative economy. Especially in terms of establishing a digital ecosystem that favors the creative economy actors at the micro, small and medium scale.

“We can do this together. The Ministry of Trade will regulate things to create trade principles that become a reference for international trade, namely fair and beneficial trade. Therefore, I will contact the Minister’s office so that we can jointly handle digital technology issues, this is not only good for Indonesian consumerism but for MSMEs, of course, including the industry,” Luthfi concluded. []