iNSPIRED by the signature flowers of their island, the residents of the islands of Banwol and Bakji, known as the “Purple Islands”, paint houses, roads and bridges in shades of purple, and plant purple flowers such as lavender and daisies to turn their city into a tourist attraction.

“Parents like us live in isolation here because young people leave this city. I am happy to see young people and children visiting our city. They are like my own grandchildren,” said villager Shin Deok-im (79) who have settled on Bakji Island for more than 60 years.

These tiny islands are home to just over 100 residents and were selected for government-supported tourism projects. Since 2016, the Shinan County has invested 4.8 billion won in turning the island all purple, including painting more than 28,000 square meters of the roof purple.

The campaign has attracted more than 487,000 people since it started in 2019, the local county office said. The restaurant on the island also serves purple rice and dishes on purple plates. Some residents also participated in this purple project with great enthusiasm.

“Every day I wear purple from top to bottom, including underpants and shoes, and it makes me happy,” said 88-year-old Jung Soon-shim, sitting in the purple gazebo.

Visitors can walk on three purple bridges connecting the two islands to a nearby large island, where there are benches decorated with the words “I purple you”, the slogan of BTS member Kim Tae-hyung aka V which means “I believe, love. and support you. “

“Even those who wear purple get free entry to the islands. We can’t travel abroad because of COVID-19, we visit this purple island instead,” said Shin Eun-me, one of the visitors. [antaranews]