MINISTER of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, conducted a working visit with a number of members of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission X to encourage increased capacity and competence of Human Resources (HR) in tourism and creative economy (Parekraf) sector on Samosir Island, Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

They left for Samosir Island using fast boats via Parapat. Before leaning on the village of Tuk Tuk Samosir, Sandiaga Uno and his entourage had time to visit several destinations around Lake Toba starting from Batu Gantung, Pesanggrahan Soekarno, and seeing the beauty of Situmurun Waterfall.

Sandiaga Uno in Samosir, Saturday (27/3), explained that his presence at Lake Toba shows the seriousness of developing the area which is one of the 5 Super Priority Destinations (SPDs). However, it is not only infrastructure development, but also the development of the capacity of Human Resources (HR) to welcome domestic tourists or foreign tourists who must go hand in hand.

“During my 3 months as minister, I have come to Lake Toba three times, this is proof that the government is here to build the parecraf sector in Danua Toba, not only infrastructure but also human resources. So that later hope and enthusiasm will emerge, fostering motivation so that our future in the midst of this pandemic will be bright again, and for the revival and recovery of the parecraph sector in Lake Toba,” he said.

He also encouraged the public to maintain a sense of security and comfort for tourists who come to Lake Toba.

“The safety and comfort of tourists can be part of our adaptation in the midst of a pandemic. The current pandemic condition makes many people and our relatives concerned. Many shops are closed, many art workers miss orders. For that we hope all of us can get up and recover soon. I also want to emphasize that tourism will soon rise with strict and disciplined health protocols, for that we need to collaborate together,” Sandiaga stated.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of Commission X DPR RI, Dede Yusuf, said that my arrival with the entourage was aimed at “shopping” for problems and seeing firsthand the condition of the tourist destination which is the focus of government development, namely Lake Toba.

“Troubled spending is needed, because Lake Toba has been designated a Super Priority Destinations (SPDs). There is a fairly large budget allocation that the government has budgeted in 5 SPDs, for that we have to see first whether it is ready to receive such a large investment. From the discussions that have been carried out, there are several things that must be prepared before we push as a SPD, such as Human Resources, facilities that support HR competencies itself, and other facilities,” Dede Yusuf concluded. []