DEPARTING from the great enthusiasm of customers for the previous program, launched ASEAN Unlimited again. Today, to be exact, March 29, 2021, an exclusive offer has been opened on the application and website.

With IDR1.6 million, you can go to domestic destinations in Indonesia and the ASEAN region. The unlimited pass itself functions to support the needs and lifestyle of travelers in Indonesia by offering the opportunity to fly multiple times a year without being subject to a basic fare.

According to the Senior Marketing Manager of Indonesia, Priska Lampangateia virtually at the ASEAN Unlimited launch event, Monday (29/3/21), said that there are various advantages of ASEAN Unlimited. Customers can take advantage of ASEAN Unlimited to plan business, essential and tourist trips to various Indonesian domestic destinations up to multiple times a year without being charged a basic tariff.

Priska also added that there would be a cashback of IDR200,000 and a bonus of 500 BIG Points for purchasing ASEAN Unlimited Pass using the AirAsia Platinum Credit Card and AirAsia Debit Card for the first 100 people respectively. Flying as much as you like around Indonesian Asean and Domestic IDR1.6 million is only for BIG members in Indonesia, therefore you must first login to your account on the page.

“As for the payment method or purchase using a credit card, debit card or virtual account. The purchase period itself starts from March 29-April 4, 202, then the exchange period is March 29, 2021-March 12, 2022, and the flight period is April 12, 2021-26 March 2022,” Priska said.

She cncluded that Indonesia’s domestic destinations for ASEAN Unlimited: 1.Medan 2. Padang 3. Pekanbaru 4. Palembang 5. Belitung 6. Pontianak 7. Jakarta 8. Bandung 9. Semarang 10. Solo 11. Yogyakarta 12. Surabaya 13. Bali 14. Lombok 15. Sorong 16. Labuan Bajo. As well ad for ASEAN destinations for ASEAN Unlimited: 1.Singapore 2. Johor Bahru 3. Kuala Lumpur 4. Penang 5.Bangkok. [ special]