EVERYONE has different vacation standards, some like to explore remote places, or simply take a walk in the big city. Others like to move between shopping centers, others save pocket money and choose to indulge in new experiences in foreign places.

However, it has long been thought that beaches and mountains that give different nuances tend to be favored by two different types of people. Is that assumption correct?

Child and family psychologist, Samanta Ananta explained that in psychology there is a term person environment fit, which is how individuals choose their environment to fulfill their hopes and desires. Mountain lovers are generally more introverted than sea lovers.

Why do people who are more introverted tend to like mountains?Because, trips to the mountains usually involve fewer people in the group. In fact, there are special tracks for solo travelers on several mountains abroad. While on vacation in the mountains, this individual is in the mood to reconnect with nature and with himself and wants to find peace.

“It takes extra hard work during the climb and this can increase self-confidence in his ability, ‘I can finish this climb’.”

Meanwhile, extroverts who like crowds and enjoy interacting with many people tend to prefer the sea or the beach.

“They go to the beach to socialize in a relaxed and relaxed manner with other people, fellow groups who go. Enjoying a vacation at the beach is very relaxed and it doesn’t take much effort, really for fun or fun,” he concluded.

Indonesia has both, be it beaches or mountains. Recently, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said that the beauty of the tourist destinations of Dusun Butuh, Kaliangkrik, Magelang, Central Java, is no less beautiful than the Himalayas which in recent times have even been known as Nepal Van Java.

The Dusun Butuh has the contours and location of the settlements piled on the slopes of a mountain with an uneven topography that is almost similar to the areas in the Himalayas, Nepal. This year, you have to stop going home because there is a ban from the government to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

Regarding the ban on going home this year which limits the movement of the community, Sandiaga reminded all parties, especially law enforcement officials, to oversee the implementation of strict and disciplined health protocols.

“Even so, through the scheme of implementing restrictions on community activities (PPKM) on a micro scale, local people can still have fun. Local tourism objects are still open to encourage the restoration of the parekraf sector by implementing strict and disciplined protocols,” Sandiaga said during his working visit to Dusun Butuh recently. [antaranews]