INDONESIA’S government will provide incentives for postage during Lebaran (Eid) 2021. This is expected to be able to treat the disappointment of the people who are not allowed to go home.

According to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno at the Weekly Press Briefing (5/4) said this had been discussed at the Limited Meeting (Ratas) chaired by President Joko Widodo and in the meeting, the Ministry of Tourism would coordinate with the relevant ministries to make smooth progress this stimulus.

“We just finished a limited meeting. I coordinated with the Minister of Industry and the Minister of Trade so that there are incentives that the government can provide, especially the ease of delivery or shipping costs to their respective hometowns,” Sandiaga said in a virtual press conference.

He conveyed that the delivery of goods such as parcels can be an option for the community to reduce homesickness with their families because going home is prohibited. The delivery of creative economic products in lieu of the homecoming ban is an option for community members who cannot stay in touch with their hometowns,” Sandiaga noted.

In addition, this step was also taken because he often received complaints from creative economy players who objected to postage prices. The reason is that the prices of creative economy products are often cheaper than the postage.

Furthermore, Sandiaga Uno said that this policy was still in the finalization stage. He also said that PT Pos Indonesia as a delivery service provider agreed with the proposal.

“I hope this can be finalized before Eid. We can initiate parcels which of course will not be able to replace physical presence but hopefully in the midst of this pandemic, the parcels and creative economy products that we send can be a form of love, miss, and longing. we go to our brothers and sisters to our hometowns with subsidized postage,” Sandiaga concluded. []