ALTHOUGH going home is prohibited, tourist attractions are allowed to open during the 2021 Eid holiday. Minister of Tourism & Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno assessed that these two policies are not contradictory. Along with the issuance of regulations prohibiting homecoming but opening tourist destinations, people have various views.

However, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, assessed that the policy of opening this tourist destination would not deny the government’s goal of breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19. Because the opening ceremony will be accompanied by the implementation of health protocols.

“I firmly state that (the ban on going home and the opening of tourist destinations) is not contradictory. We have coordinated with the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs, Muhadjir Effendy and the Minister of Transportation that the frame is the application of restrictions on micro-scale community activities (PPKM) and later there are a letter issued by the Ministry of Transportation,” Sandiaga said.

Sandiaga explained that now PPKM is micro and we are setting strict and disciplined health protocols. We will coordinate with the local government and military and police officers. We must be able to convince ourselves that the revival of the tourism sector and the creative economy is not part of the problem but part of the solution.

Previously, Sandiaga had met with the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy and received his blessing to open tourist destinations during the holidays. On that occasion, he said that he would prepare various alternative vacation options for the community.

“We are preparing options, staycations, tourism options within the framework of micro-scale PPKM, including the provision of creative economy products to replace the physical community in their hometowns,” Sandiaga concluded. []