HAKA Resto which is located at Rasuna Said Kav-10, Rasuna Jakarta, to be precise at The H Tower the mezzanine floor, is now back to celebrate the moment most Indonesians have been waiting for.

The month of Ramadan is believed by most Indonesians to be a holy month that is full of blessings and will certainly bring happiness to anyone who participates in it. So, it is at this special moment that Haka Resto Rasuna Jakarta also offers joy together with the Indonesian people who want to celebrate Eid al-Fitr in the coming month.

“We made a special promo during this month of Ramadan, namely an offer to break the fast Iftar Offer. With a budget of IDR85,000 nett per person, you can eat as much as you like,” said Stevanie Shinta as MarComm Executive, HaKa Resto Rasuna Jakarta.

Uniquely, she continued, in the first and fourth week of this holy month, you can also enjoy Asian Herritage-nuanced menu dishes with a choice of carving or grilled stations such as Roasted Chicken, Picanha, Shortplate Meat, Lamb Leg and others. at a very affordable price, which is IDR75,000 nett per person only.

“In addition, if you are interested in inviting your closest relatives to break the fast, especially for those of you workers who live in the Rasuna area, South Jakarta, you can also enjoy the BUY 10 GET 1 promo during the period of Ramadan,” she noted.

Meanwhile Nuna Karim as Director of Sales, Haka Resto explained as additional information, HaKa Resto Rasuna, Jakarta also underwent an exclusive promo with Bank Mandiri. For those of you who have a Bank Mandiri Debit Card, we also provide a special discount of up to 50% which will be deducted directly through your fiesta points.

“So, please make a reservation in advance to the reservation team at HaKa Resto Rasuna Jakarta at + 62811-1290-351 or email to, limited offer. For more information about package promos during Ramadan, please visit the HaKa Instagram page Resto Kuningan Jakarta at @hakaresto. []