SCOOT airlines achieved Diamond status in the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Health Safety global airline audit. The audit was conducted jointly by APEX, one of the largest international airline associations, and aviation strategy firm SimpliFlying.

The audit assessed the health and safety measures taken by Scoot to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic against 58 points across ten stages of passenger travel. The assessment includes check-in and other pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight processes.

Only airlines that have hospital-grade health and safety standards, with a score of at least 200 points above the Gold standard, can achieve Diamond status. The standard is based on health and safety measures that have been independently verified, validated and certified. Scoot is also the first global low-cost carrier (LCC) airline to achieve this highest standard.

According to Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson said Scoot airlines are committed to providing the highest level of trust to passengers when they fly. Wilson said, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scoot has improved procedures and implemented measures during passenger travel.

Starting from improving cleanliness and maintaining distance, implementing contactless check-in and in-flight bookings, and testing the digital verification of the COVID-19 test before departure.

“Scoot is proud to be the first LCC in the world to receive the highest Diamond status, and we are pleased that our efforts to maintain the health and safety of passengers and staff have been recognized,” he said in his official statement.

Meanwhile, APEX CEO Joe Leader said that maintaining a safe distance during passenger trips and providing cleaning equipment is one of the foremost health and safety measures.

Likewise SimpliFlying CEO, Shashank Nigam added, there are a number of high standards that Scoot has applied to get the status of the world’s first Diamond for LCC. [ special]