INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy kicked off the International Conference in 5 Super Priority Destinations (SPD) as an effort to promote tourism potential Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) to accelerate the awakening of the tourism and the creative economy sector post-pandemic .

According to the Deputy for Tourism Products and Activities of the Tourism Ministry, Rizki Handayani in her statement in Jakarta, Friday (7/5) explained that Tourism Ministry has prepared a strategy to support the development of 5 SPDs where several strategies are implemented based on the three pillars of Tourism Ministry in the future, namely innovation, adaptation, and collaboration.

“With innovation we must be able to create new tourism & creative economy products, besides that we must be able to adapt to the application of strict and disciplined health protocols, and collaborate with related Ministries/Agencies, embracing the business world, local governments, educational institutions, communities, and the media,” she said.

Rizki conveyed that this activity was in order to increase the potential of the 5 SPDs and he considered collaboration to be very important. Kick off International Conference at 5 SPDs was a form of collaboration between the Tourism Ministry and PT. Kompas Media Nusantara, which has been launched since April 28, 2021 through a zoom platform with the signing of the gentlemen agreement as a symbol of the MoU of the two parties.

“Our appreciation goes to Kompas for the collaboration that has been established through the International Conference activities at 5 SPDs. We hope that this activity will contribute to increasing the potential of the 5 SPDs as well as being an effective promotional activity for the 5 SPDs as a quality and sustainable tourism destination, so that it has an impact in accelerating the improvement of human resources, infrastructure, and investment in the tourism & creative economy sector each of the super-priority destinations,” she stated.

Meanwhile, the Tourism Ministry’s Director of Meeting, Conventions, Incentives and Exhibition (MICE), Masruroh added, this activity will take the big theme of the International Conference on Local Wonders, Economy, and People. Tourism Ministry will also carry out innovations in implementing international-standard MICE activities in venues that are considered unique in each SPD, adapting new habits by strictly implementing the Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) MICE guideline protocol during the implementation of the activity.

“Currently, the implementation of MICE activities is expected to take place offline or hybrid in accordance with the conditions that occur in the destination where the activity is carried out. In accordance with these expectations, the holding of the International Conference at each DSP will be carried out in a hybrid format which will also include an exhibition of superior Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and an incentive trip for the winners of the blog competition organized by Kompas. The implementation will also strictly implement the CHSE guideline protocol in MICE activities so as to ensure a safe and comfortable implementation of activities,” Masruroh said.

The International Conference at 5 SPD itself will begin in Borobudur in June 2021 which takes a major heritage theme and takes inspiration from the reliefs of Borobudur Temple. Furthermore, a series of International Conferences in 5 Super Priority Destinations will also be held in Toba, Likupang, Labuan Bajo, and Mandalika starting from July-November 2021 by raising the potential advantages of the attraction in each of these destinations. []