AMANZOE, perched high over the Aegean Sea and surrounded by the Peloponnese, has launched its next phase of Amanzoe Villas; private sanctuaries away from the everyday which offer permanent access to the revered Aman lifestyle.

Known for its unrivalled service, space, privacy, and excellent design, with life-enriching experiences and wellbeing at the heart of its proposition, Amanzoe has recently launched six two-bedroomed villas, as well as a further seventeen villa lots and four beach villa lots, each of which is suitable for 4-6 bedroomed villas, now available for purchase.

A modern-day Acropolis, the villas and resort offer expansive views of the Aegean Sea and are surrounded by 93 hectares of fragrant gardens filled with citrus, pomegranate, carob and olive trees, as well as their own private beach and Beach Club set on an idyllic, sheltered bay with calm waters.

The beach villa lots, of which there are only four, are each more than 9,000 square meters with unobstructed sea views and will be the only Amanzoe Villas located alongside the Aman Beach Club, known for its iconic pool facing the picturesque private beach and Aegean Sea.

The remaining villas are located alongside the hotel, set upon the highest points of the dramatic landscape, ranging from the newly constructed two-bedroomed villas – a more intimate retreat to call home – up to the six-bedroomed villas composed of freestanding living and dining pavilions positioned around a central swimming pool, with sundecks, terraces and reflection ponds creating an air of serenity and space.

In addition, the extensive Aman Spa, a sanctuary with serene sea views, double treatment rooms, outdoor massage areas, and fitness facilities are available for owners’ personal use, including Amanzoe’s Summer Tennis Clinics and visiting wellness specialists, such as reflexologist Andrea Hurst, who is at Amanzoe throughout August 2021 offering her unique approach to holistic wellbeing through reflexology.

To own an Aman Residence is to see a destination in a new light, to discover its cultural nuances, and explore its most refined experiences. Blessed with beautiful beaches, a fascinating history and an abundance of natural produce from honey to wine, the Peloponnese is one of Europe’s most exclusive and stimulating destinations.

In addition to personal use, Aman Residence owners can opt to include their Amanzoe Villa within the resort’s rental management programme, providing excellent return on investment with all management delivered by the Aman team, renowned for its attention to detail and exacting standards. [ special]