THE INDONESIAN Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) has finally opened its voice regarding the cost of quarantine at hotels for eight days and seven nights for three, four and luxury hotels. That hotel rates are based on segmentation assessments, namely three, four, and five star hotels.

According to the Hotel Repatriation Coordinator of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), Vivi Herlambang said the hotel rates that can be used for foreigners and Indonesian citizens during quarantine.

“We usually talk to all members of PHRI, then we determine the price, for example, for a three-star hotel, the price is IDR6.5 million for a seven-night stay with breakfast, lunch, dinner and five pieces of laundry, and two PCR tests,” she said

Vivi Herlambang explained that as for the details of the cost of quarantine at a hotel for eight days and seven nights for a three-star hotel, it is between IDR6.5 million to IDR7.5 million. As for four stars, the price is IDR7.5 to IDR10 million, five stars from IDR10 million to IDR14 million, and for luxury hotels it is in the range of IDR14 million to IDR20 million.

“The tariff includes a PCR test service at a price of IDR800,000. According to her, the price is determined by the health quarantine. So, the price for this PCR is determined by the Health Quarantine and we [PHRI] get a price of IDR800,000 and that is included in it,” she noted.

But the difference, she continued between hotels for repatriation and isolation hotels. A repatriation hotel is a hotel used to quarantine foreigners and Indonesian citizens from abroad with negative COVID-19 test results, but still have to undergo quarantine before continuing their journey.

“Meanwhile, hotels that are used for isolation are hotels that accept foreign and Indonesian guests whose previous swab results were positive,” Vivi Herlambang concluded. [ special]