STAYING at home during the extension of the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Java-Bali will still be fun with a choice of exciting activities and of course delicious food.

Change your point of view by enjoying the atmosphere at home like a staycation vacation by bringing food served by famous hotels.

Hotel Sari Pacific Jakarta provides a selection of bento and Nusantara food packages for consumers to enjoy at home or at the office without having to bother coming to the restaurant. Japanese food lovers can enjoy a lunch option with the authentic taste of Sakura Country. This hotel provides five choices of Japanese specialties with a variety of side dishes, tailored to the tastes of consumers. This bento contains fluffier Japanese rice that is easy to pick up with chopsticks, mouth-watering side dishes and chopped fresh fruit.

There are four choices of bento that can be eaten. First, Jyu Jyu Mixed which consists of salmon, beef and yasai itame aka Japanese-style stir-fried vegetables and tamago or slightly sweet rolled omelet. Two additional sauces are available to add flavor to the salmon and beef.

Then there is the sukeroku sushi bento which contains inari sushi, karaage chicken, tamago and futo maki sushi. The third option is the salmon teriyaki bento, filled with grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce, chicken karaage and tamago, then the seafood teppannyaki bento containing salmon, squid and shrimp cooked in teppan style and stir-fried vegetables. The portion of this Japanese bento is quite large, the rice is abundant and the side dishes are no less.

For those of you who want Indonesian-style home cooking, Indonesia Delivery on the Go is available. Each delivery has a large portion, enough for four to five people. The food choices available include Sari Feast Nasi Uduk, Sari Keluak Raya, Sari Raos Indonesia, Sari Sweet & Savory, and Sari Ketupat Delight. Each delivery consists of a variety of dishes. For example, Sari Sweet and Savory contains pecak fish, grilled chicken, stir-fried long beans, fried chili sauce, potatoes, banana compote, risol ragout and white rice. Everything is packaged in a beautiful bamboo container.

These foods can be tried with a price range starting from IDR150,000 nett for Japanese bento boxes and IDR358,000++ for the Delivery menu which can be ordered through various platforms such as GoFood, Tokopedia, to directly to the hotel’s Whatsapp number. [antaranews]