JIMBARAN Puri, a Belmond Hotel, Bali continues to prioritize its commitment in developing on-going sustainable initiatives to contribute to the environment and create a memorable experience. Jimbaran Puri’s environmental and local community responsibility spans from utilizing locally sourced produce to minimising its carbon footprint, developing a carefully crafted sustainable menu andeffective policies in waste management.

According to Charles Kneipp, General Manager of Jimbaran Puri, a Belmond Hotel, Bali said located on the tropical island of Bali, Jimbaran Puri is surrounded by a rich natural wealth of produce that provides a boundless opportunity to access locally sourced fresh and organic ingredients. Jimbaran Puri works closely with local suppliers to reduce emissions and carbon footprint on supply chains to maintain a low environmental impact.

“Jimbaran Puri collaborates with local suppliers including fishermen for seafood, coffee farmers from Bali’s highlands and with sea salt farmers for the spa products. The specially formulated spa and wellness treatments at Jimbaran Puri provide guests with an authentic Balinese spa experience that utilizes locally sourced and organic products,” he said.”

Charles Kneipp explained that as part of its contribution to local communities, Jimbaran Puri collaborates with local coffee farmers to supply the Balinese Coffee Scrub made from finely ground local coffee and volcanic pumice from the sacred Mount Agung and to harvest the genuine coffee beans of wild civets (Luwak) for the Luwak Coffee Scrub.

The spa at Jimbaran Puri, he continued also sources the Kusamba Sea Salt scrub produced by groups of Kusamba salt farmers in Karangasem using a 700-year-old traditional method. The organic and natural combination of soil, spring, and saltwater on the coast of Kusamba produces sea salt that has a nutrient and mineral profile unique to Bali.

“As part of Jimbaran Puri’s initiative to showcase sustainability efforts, the hotel participated in the Bali Hotels Association’s Sustainable Food Festival held between 27th September to 16th October 2021. Jimbaran Puri created a Sustainable Aperitivo menu which focused on 100% locally and responsibly sourced ingredients,” he noted.

The bartender at Puri Bar created drinks inspired by rich Balinese herbs including a ‘Tirta Bali’ mocktail made with local natural raw honey, organic lemongrass, ginger, lime, and rosemary as well as house-made carbonated herbal coconut, and cocktails such as ‘Avatar’ made with choc-mint tea infused with Balinese arak mixed with house[1]made cinnamon syrup.

“The hotel also collaborated with nearby farmers and fishermen to supply the ingredients for the festival canapés including authentic Balinese canapés from ‘Sate Lilit be Sampi’, a legendary satay made from locally sourced organic grass-fed beef, ‘Lumpia Sayur’ an Indonesian style vegetable spring roll, and ‘Bola-bola Udang, Ubi dan Keju’, an Indonesian style croquette made from prawns,” Charles Kneipp remarked.

He concluded that supporting the local communities and suppliers of produce are the inspiration behind the sustainable initiatives of Jimbaran Puri in its ongoing efforts to contribute and protect the environment as an integral part of the Jimbaran Puri experience. []