AIRASIA Indonesia airline offers a low-cost package titled Value Pack to all prospective passengers to purchase additional products worth IDR10,000 starting Thursday (11/25). This package was launched in line with the re-operation of nine domestic routes in December 2021.

Through the Value Pack saving package, the purchase of additional products worth IDR 10,000 includes a total of 30 kilograms (kg) of baggage, a snack box, and the opportunity to choose a seat at will. The package can be selected when prospective passengers book tickets through the AirAsia Super App application for all existing domestic routes.

The Value Pack allows prospective passengers to get an additional 10 kg of free baggage. So, the total free baggage that can be used is 30 kg from the original 20 kg. Then, customers will have the opportunity to choose their favorite available seat and snack box to enjoy during or after the flight.

Regarding seat selection, this facility is only available for standard seats. Meanwhile, seats outside that category will be subject to special prices. Furthermore, the snack box provided can only be enjoyed after the flight if the prospective passenger makes the flight under two hours.

To place an order for Value Pack, here are the steps: (1). Click “Flights” in the AirAsia Super App, (2). Select the desired route and flight schedule, (3). Click “Value Pack” or “Efficiency Package” in the additional products section, (4). A total of 30 kg baggage is added automatically to your booking, (5). Select an available seat, (6). Select the desired snack box, (7). Fill in your personal data in the guest details section, (8). Select a payment method, then click “Buy”, (9). Booking was successful.

For information, AirAsia Indonesia has opened nine round-trip domestic flight routes (PP) for December. Some of them are flight routes from Jakarta-Bali, Jakarta-Lombok, Jakata-Pekanbaru, Bali-Surabaya, and Medan-Yogyakarta. [sources/photo special]